Karádi-Berger Winery

Karádi-Berger Winery

Tokaj Wine region - Erdőbénye

A small family-owned estate, the winery of Szilvia Karádi and Zsolt Berger. Our winemaking started in 2000 as a hobby with just 0.5 hectares, then in 2005 we bought the delightful building which is our winery in Erdőbénye. By that time we had grown the estate to 4 hectares. Szilvia is from the Zemplén, the nearby village of Háromhuta, Zsolt is from Budapest.

Naturally Tokaj

We have the traditional grape varieties of the Tokaj Wine Region – Furmint, Hárslevelű, Sárgamuskotály. We have been cultivating our vineyards organically since 2017. We restrict yields to 0.8 to 1.5 kg per vine.

During our winemaking we strive to bring out the value of the grapes using minimal intervention, to show the aromas and flavours of the terroir and grape varieties along with the salty minerality typical of the volcanic soils. That is why we ferment our wines spontaneously, avoiding the use of cultivated yeasts and enzymes, using only natural fining and aiming to keep the sulphur levels low.


The beautiful winery in the centre of Erdőbénye once belonged to a wine merchant

Our vineyards are in three places of which we make single-vineyard wines from two: Palandor and Narancsi. Both vineyards caught us with the beauty of their land, the name and the wines. Minerality is typical in both.


Why did we choose Erdőbénye for our winery? Well, Erdőbénye is a village in a wonderful basin in the Tokaj Wine Region, surrounded by vineyards and forests. The former market town has preserved its 19th-century atmosphere. Its streets running up and down, old houses and beautiful gardens call out for you to discover them on foot or by bike, to experience the carefree enjoyment. We love exploring the area and often came to Erdőbénye – which drew us in, nestling in the hills, slightly neglected at that time… and although it may seem contradictory, we saw great possibility in its neglect as it was clear that in days gone by the village and its people had prospered. Even in ruins the peasant and town houses were attractive, set on streets on the hills, winding by the stream. And, another good reason was that every house here has a good-sized cellar.



View from Palandor-dűlő towards the Tokaji Hill

South-facing vineyard on the top third of the south-facing Sajgó Hill, once called Előhegy.

The land, once part of the Szepes County church chapter’s estate, was listed among the first-class Tokaj vineyards in Antal Szirmay’s classification in 1795.

Old vines grow on rhyolite tufa mixed with clay. Thanks to the south-facing aspect, the grapes here can be harvested earlier than elsewhere with exceedingly good sugar levels.

Wine from Palandor typically have pear-quince flavours and a delicious elegant mineral saltiness.



A walk in Narancsi-dűlő

Southwest-facing rhyolite tufa ground, this vineyard lies on the ridge of hills running between Erdőbénye and Tolcsva. The soils are full of orange-coloured rhyolite tufa stones.

Wines from Narancsi (which means orangey) also have powerful citrus, grapefruit and orange peel flavours.